The best way to dry the body

Determine the number of calories

After bodybuilders pass the amplification stage and reach their goal of increasing muscle mass, a new stage called the Cutting Phase begins, which aims to lose fat while maintaining the muscle mass that the body acquired during the amplification, and therefore the amplification stage needs to Reducing the caloric intake of a bodybuilder by 15%, and with weight gain in the amplification or weight loss stage in the drying phase, the caloric intake should be adjusted at least monthly for calculating changes in weight, and during either of the two stages it is recommended not to lose or gain more Increase 0.5-1% of body weight per week, but this ensures that not much muscle is lost during the drying phase or that a lot of body fat is gained during the amplification stage.

Eat carbohydrates

It must be ensured that the sources of carbohydrates that bodybuilders eat are complex carbohydrates, as they are a slow energy source, and help reduce the opportunity to store fats, in addition to that they may contain more nutrients, and from these carbohydrate sources: oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and rice Brown, pasta or whole wheat bread. It is advisable to eat fruits close to exercise time only, and to rely more on vegetables.

Eat protein

Protein intake is very important during the drying phase, as not consuming sufficient quantities of it may lead to the use of muscles by the body as a source of energy, which causes loss of muscle mass, and attention should be paid to choosing sources of low-fat protein, as it is advised to use casein before bed. Because it is excreted in the bloodstream more slowly.

Increase the amount of water

Water provides many health benefits to the body, especially during the drying process, as it helps reduce the feeling of hunger, drinking water with a small meal will help to feel full despite the low calories, in addition to that it helps to moisturize the body, and provide energy during exercises Which helps to burn more calories, in addition to that, the water does not contain any calories, so it is advisable to drink it instead of soft or sugary drinks.

Doing aerobic exercise

The slimming diet needs to reduce the number of calories, in order to burn the body more than it gets, and thus lose fat, and high-intensity aerobic exercise may help increase calories burned, and promote metabolism, which helps the body to reach The desired goal.