How to gain fitness

Fitness :

Fitness is a dream for many people, it gives an attractive appearance and increases the confidence of the person himself and thus improves his relationship with others as it has a positive impact on human health in general. So we have collected for you tips that you can get fit. Your thoughts may be distracting, but it is important that you begin to refine and take care of them before you begin to pay attention to your muscles. With the right mindset and correct thinking you can reach your goal in gaining physical fitness, it is important that you cultivate positive thoughts in yourself that you will succeed in reaching your goal and you can also from While making certain health behaviors a habit that you cannot do without, it is also important that you follow your success and the extent to which you follow the plan you set and reward yourself when you achieve the goals. It is preferable that the measurement be weekly, but if you find that you have retreated or are still in your place, this does not mean that you should ever stop, but on the contrary, continue your diet and diet and look for the imbalance that led to lack of progress and fix it, you can also encourage yourself by imagining What you will be when you become physically fit and how your feelings, self-confidence and respect for others will be. And make a commitment to yourself and complete the path towards grace, it is advisable to set small goals you achieve and reward yourself for achieving them, such as committing yourself to walking for 30 minutes for a period of 3 days, for example, and if you commit to do so, reward yourself, find a partner for you in your mission to obtain a graceful body, So that you encourage each other and exchange tips and experiences and follow your development together, and inspire each other to continue to succeed, and you can also form a group of people who have the same goal, and one of the ideas that encourage continuing your journey towards fitness if you are one in a team is to put all You have an equal amount of pain As a reward for so that he gets from doing more athletic effort, for example, within a few days.

Sports :

For sports is the basis of fitness and is one of the most important things that must be entered into your plan to reach fitness, you can start with simple sports activities and then graduation to reach activities that need high fitness, and you can consider this gradient a challenge for you to help you continue on your way, start changing your lifestyle and make it More mobile, you can, for example, go to work on foot or on a bike, and if that is not possible, park the car away from work for 15 minutes, for example, and thus you would have walked 30 minutes on this day, that is, to and from the car, and be sure to go to places Nearby is walking so it provides the same And you burn extra calories. You can also do some household chores that move the muscles of the body, such as vacuuming the house, wiping floors or surfaces, cleaning the bathroom, dishwashing, or any other work that will keep you in constant motion. This way you live in a clean environment and burn the fats you don’t need. In your body.

Create a plan for your sports program :

The next step should be to create a plan for your athletic program, and it is important to note that the athletic program should include 5 parts: warm-up, aerobic exercises, strength exercises, flexibility exercises, and cooling exercises. Warming is one of the most important stages because it helps blood flow to and warm the muscles before starting strenuous exercise and prevents muscle strain, such as warming up for a certain period of walking, climbing stairs, riding a bike, or any other action that causes blood to flow towards the muscles, and you can then To do exercises that revitalize the heart and blood circulation, such as running, riding a degree with high resistance or performing any sporting activity that leads to sweating of your body, these exercises are beneficial for heart health, but have also been linked to a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, and strength exercises are those that build muscles. Of exercises It not only increases your strength, but also increases the metabolism process. Scientists have found that people with muscles burn fat even during their rest period, and these exercises include weight lifting and pressure and squatting exercises, then the role of flexibility or stretching exercises comes after that. Try to stretch the muscles that you have Moving it while you are doing sports such as hands, feet, back muscles, abdomen, etc. This increases your fitness and flexibility and reduces the possibility of muscle strain As for cooling it is similar to warming up to a large extent it helps to relax your muscles during the arrival of blood through the performance of simple exercises and must people who exceed 60 Aa A or those suffering from heart disease and arteries to consult their doctors before embarking on the exercise of aerobic exercise. It is important that you do a variety of exercises that you do, as this helps to burn more fat than if you performed only one exercise for a long time. You may find that mastering the exercises is difficult at first, but with continuous training it becomes easy and the flexibility of your muscles increases.

Healthy food :

When you perform large physical activities, you need more food to build your muscles, but not all foods are useful for you to gain fitness, but there are certain foods that increase your activity before exercise and help build muscle, and you can change your diet by entering healthy foods and getting rid of Those unhealthy ones that will lead to inactivity during sports, start to introduce whole grains into your system, its taste is richer and its benefit is greater, and replace unhealthy snacks with fruits and vegetables rich in water and fiber that will make you feel full, and also rich in vitamins that will provide healthy nutrition Yeh to your body, the body needs fat but not those fats found in sweets, biscuits, baked goods, pizza and ice cream, for example, these are all fat increases your need to go to the sports club. It is important to keep your home full of these and other healthy foods that you want to enter into your life system, so shop and store these foods in your home, and get rid of unhealthy foods so that you do not find yourself wanting to eat them, certainly it is okay to eat a small amount of these foods as a reward You have to stick to your schedule, but the presence of these foods permanently in your kitchen will make you craving them greatly, and it is advisable when you feel the desire to eat these sweets and unhealthy foods to drink two cups of water and see if you still want to eat these foods, and it is important to drink An adequate amount of water per day is estimated to be liters Row to two liters of water a day, especially if you are doing physically demanding tough, and avoid the error, which is located in many when they feel where they go to drink beverages that contain a high proportion of sugar thirsty.